Capitola Letip

A Local Professional Networking Group

How do I join?

Come to two (2) breakfast meetings… At your first meeting, you will be given an application to review and complete by your second meeting. Once your business has been inspected and the current members have voted you in, you pay your initiation fee and dues and prepare to handle all of the new business that is about to come your way.

  • At your first meeting: Come prepared to introduce yourself to our chapter members. Potential new members come to the first two meetings and are permitted to give brief presentations about their product or service. You will have the opportunity to give a one minute commercial about your business and to describe the type of clients you need. Please bring about 40 business cards.
  • What happens next? The chapter’s Inspector then meets with the applicant at their business. An inspection of the premises is performed and information on the application is verified. At the third meeting, the current membership votes on the acceptance of the prospective member.
  • What are the costs? It will cost you only $325.00 for the National LeTip Organization initiation fee and $75.00 for the local chapter. There are quarterly dues, currently $150.00 per quarter, used to cover our breakfast bill, printing, & administrative expenses. Annual renewals are $200.00. All fees are subject to change without notice.

For more information on how to become a member, please contact:
Juan Escamilla at 831-476-0370,